Technology / Aviation / Cowl: A circular, removable FAIRING around an aircraft engine (generally radial) for the purposes of streamling or cooling: aka RING COWLING.

Cowl Flap

Technology / Aviation / Cowl Flap: A controllable louvre to regulating airflow through an engine's cowling. MORE

Bumped Cowling

Technology / Aviation / Bumped Cowling: An engine FAIRING, generally circular, with welts or compound shapes in its surface to accommodate cylinder heads. MORE

Ring Cowling

Technology / Aviation / Ring Cowling: A circular engine FAIRING. MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Ode: A long, often elaborate stanzaic poem of varying line lengths and sometimes intricate rhyme schemes dealing with a serious subject matter and treating it reverently. The ode is usually much longer tha MORE

Anacreontic Verse

Life Style / Poetry / Anacreontic Verse: Imitations of the 6th-century b.c. greek poet anacreon, who wrote about love and wine. Thomas moore translated anacreon's odes in 1800. Abraham cowley adapted them in his anacreontics. MORE

Focusing Hood

Entertainment / Photography / Focusing Hood: Light proof cowl used on tlr and most roll film slr cameras to prevent extraneous light falling on the focusing screen. MORE