Cowl Flap

Technology / Aviation / Cowl Flap: A controllable louvre to regulating airflow through an engine's cowling.

Other Words for Flap

Flap Noun Synonyms: slap, slat, beat, flail, wave, wag, waggle, flutter, thresh, thrash, oscillate, vibrate
Flap Verb Synonyms: flapping, beat, wave, wag, waggle, flutter, oscillation

Leading Edge Flap

Technology / Aviation / Leading Edge Flap: a portion of the leading edge of an airplane wing which folds downward to increase the camber of the wing to increase both its lift and drag. Leading-edge flaps are extended for takeoffs and landings MORE

Landing Flaps

Technology / Aviation / Landing Flaps: a secondary control surface built into the wing by which the overall wing area, or lift-drag ratio, can be increased. The increased wing area permits a slower landing speed. The increased drag reduces MORE

Ring Cowling

Technology / Aviation / Ring Cowling: A circular engine FAIRING. MORE

Slotted Flap

Technology / Aviation / Slotted Flap: A flap that, when depressed, exposes a SLOT and increases airflow between itself and the rear edge of the wing. MORE

Split Flap

Technology / Aviation / Split Flap: A FLAP built into the underside of a wing, as opposed to a Full Flap wherein a whole portion of the trailing edge is used. MORE

Kreuger Flap

Technology / Aviation / Kreuger Flap: A type of leading edge wing flap hinged at the bottom side of the airfoil. When it is actuated, the leading edge bends downward, increasing the overall wing camber which allows the wing to develop add MORE