Distance Measuring Equipment (DME)

Technology / Aviation / Distance Measuring Equipment (DME): A radio navigation device that determines an aircraft's distance from a given ground station, as well as its groundspeed and time to/from the station.

Other Words for Distance

Distance Noun Synonyms: separate, detach, dissociate, disassociate
Distance Verb Synonyms: remoteness, space, gap, interval, mileage, footage, stretch

Other Words for Equipment

Equipment Verb Synonyms: gear, apparatus, furnishings, accoutrements, appurtenances, paraphernalia, kit, materiel, tackle, outfit, trappings, tack, equipage, clobber

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

Technology / Computers / Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM): Any manufacturer that sells its product to a reseller. Most often refers to the original manufacturer of a device or component, but certain products licensed as OEM, like Windows operating systems, ex MORE

Personal Protective Equipment

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Personal Protective Equipment: Clothing and other work accessories (i.e., safety glasses, hearing protection, etc.) designed to create a barrier against potential workplace hazards. MORE

Net Property, Plant And Equipment

Business / Finance / Net Property, Plant And Equipment: Gross property, plant and equipment minus accumulated depreciation. This number represents that portion of PP&E acquisition cost that has not yet been recognized as an expense. It is not the same as e MORE

International Mobile Equipment Identifier (IMEI)

Technology / Cell Phones / International Mobile Equipment Identifier (IMEI): A unique 15-digit number that serves as the serial number of the GSM handset. The IMEI appears on the label located on the back of the phone. The IMEI is automatically transmitted by the phone when th MORE

Hyperfocal Distance

Entertainment / Photography / Hyperfocal Distance: Distance between the camera and the hyperfocal point. MORE

Property Plant And Equipment

Business / Accounting / Property Plant And Equipment: Tangible, long-lived assets acquired for use in business operations: includes land, buildings, machinery, equipment, and furniture. MORE