Dorsal Fin

Technology / Aviation / Dorsal Fin: A lateral fin/rudder extension on the top of a fuselage. Opposite of VENTRAL FIN.

Ventral Fin

Technology / Aviation / Ventral Fin: A fin/rudder extension on the bottom of a fuselage. Opposite of DORSAL FIN. MORE

Inflected Infinitive

Entertainment / Literature / Inflected Infinitive: In Old English, an infinitive with declension endings attached and used as a noun--a source of much frustration to graduate students trying to translate Anglo-Saxon texts. MORE

Infinite Baffle

Technology / Home Audio / Infinite Baffle: An infinite baffle speaker design is defined as an enclosure that contains a greater volume of air than the Vas requirement of the driver. An infinite baffle system can easily be applied to an automob MORE


Entertainment / Photography / Infinity: In photographic terms is a distance great enough to be unaffected by finite variations. In practice this relates to most subjects beyond 1000 meters or, in landscape terms, the horizon. MORE

Interim Financing

Business / Finance / Interim Financing: A short-term loan made to a company on the condition that a takeout will follow with long-term or intermediate financing. MORE

International Finance Corporation (IFC)

Business / Finance / International Finance Corporation (IFC): A corporation owned by the World Bank that produces a number of well-known stock indexes for emerging markets. Its major role is to provide financing for projects in less developed countries. MORE