Technology / Aviation / Dural: Originally a tradename for a wrought aluminum-copper alloy created by Bausch Machine Tool Co, now fallen into generic use as any aluminum alloy containing 3.0-4.5% copper, 0.4-1.0% magnesium, and 0.1-0.7% manganese. Alcoa's version is commonly referred to as 'Duraluminum,' popularly used in aircaft manufacture.

Subdural Hematoma

Health / First Aid / Subdural Hematoma: Subdural hematomas make take days or weeks to develop after an impact to the head. MORE

Epidural Hematoma

Health / First Aid / Epidural Hematoma: Epidural hematomas may not show any signs of injury at first, then develop quickly into severe symptoms like coma. MORE

Resource-Based Relative Value Scale (RBRVS)

Health / Health Insurance / Resource-Based Relative Value Scale (RBRVS): A method used by MCOs of determining provider reimbursement that attempts to take into account, when assigning a weighted value to medical procedures or services, all resources that physicians use in MORE