Effective Pitch

Technology / Aviation / Effective Pitch: The actual distance a propeller moves through the air in one revolution. It is the difference between the geometric pitch of the propeller and the prop slip.

Other Words for Effective

Effective Verb Synonyms: effectual, efficacious, productive, capable,eful, serviceable, competent, operative, able, functional, efficient
Effective Adjective Synonyms: impressive, remarkable, noticeable, conspicuous, outstanding, striking, powerful, compelling, moving, telling, effectual

Other Words for Pitch

Pitch Verb Synonyms: toss, throw, cast, fling, hurl, heave, sling, fire, launch, shoot, send, let fly, Cricket bowl, chuck, peg, lob, bung
Pitch Noun Synonyms: erect, raise, set or put up, position, fix, place

Pitch Line

Business / Machine Shop / Pitch Line: An imaginary line which passes through threads at such points that the length of the part of the line between adjacent threads is equal to the length of the line within a thread. MORE

Pitch Diameter

Business / Machine Shop / Pitch Diameter: The diameter of a thread at an imaginary point where the width of the groove and the with of the thread are equal. MORE

Pitch Mark

Entertainment / Golf / Pitch Mark: (also 'ball mark') the depression that a ball makes when it strikes the ground (usually, but not always, associated with the putting green) MORE


Entertainment / Football / Pitch-Out: A lateral tossed from a quarterback to a running back. MORE


Entertainment / Baseball / Pitcher: The fielder designated to pitch the ball to the batter. MORE

Pitch And Run

Entertainment / Golf / Pitch And Run: A lofted shot that is also intended to release/run/roll MORE