Empty Weight

Technology / Aviation / Empty Weight: the weight of the structure of an aircraft, its powerplant, and all of the fixed equipment.

Other Words for Empty

Empty Noun Synonyms: void, unfilled, hollow, bare, barren, vacant, unfurnished, unadorned, undecorated, emptied, drained, spent, exhausted
Empty Adjective Synonyms: vacant, unoccupied, uninhabited, untenanted

Other Words for Weight

Weight Noun Synonyms: arrange, manipulate, bias, incline, slant, rig
Weight Verb Synonyms: heaviness, avoirdupois, mass, tonnage, heft

Top Weight

Entertainment / Bowling / Top Weight: Drilling of a ball so that there is more weight above the label than there is below; it is considered a positive weight. See bottom weight. MORE

Thumb Weight

Entertainment / Bowling / Thumb Weight: Method of drilling the ball so that the thumbhole is closer to the label than are the finger holes; it is considered a negative weight; see finger weight. MORE


Business / Taxes / Underweighted: When you own less of a security, an asset class, or a subclass than your target asset allocation calls for, you are said to be underweighted in that security, asset class, or subclass. For example, if MORE

Unsprung Weight

Technology / Motorcycle / Unsprung Weight: The mass of the motorcycle that is not supported by the suspension, such as the wheels, brakes, tires, etc. (Also known as unsprung mass). For comparison, the rest of the motorcycle that is supported MORE


Science / Chemistry / Weight: Weight is the force exerted by an object in a gravitational field. The weight of an object (W) arises from its mass (m): W = mg where g is the acceleration due to gravity (about 9.8 m/s2 on Earth). MORE

Swing Weight

Entertainment / Golf / Swing Weight: The relative weight of a clubhead's leverage (usually measured on a scale with a 12 or 14-inch fulcrum), technically - moment of inertia, or the tendency of a body to resist angular acceleration: swin MORE