Far Part 61

Technology / Aviation / Far Part 61: The section or part of the Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs) covering pilot certification and standard flight school operations. FAR PART 61, Sub Part J, outlines in detail all requirements that need to be met by a sport pilot candidate.

Other Words for Far

Far Noun Synonyms: afar, far-away or -off, a good or great or long way or distance off or away
Far Adverb Synonyms: (more) remote or distant, far-away, far-off, extreme, further, farther, farthest

Other Words for Part

Part Noun Synonyms: piece, portion, division, allotment, share, percentage, participation, interest, parcel, fragment, scrap, shard, some
Part Verb Synonyms: portion, component, factor, constituent, element, ingredient

Partial Miscibility

Science / Chemistry / Partial Miscibility: Two liquids are considered partially miscible if shaking equal volumes of the liquids together results in a meniscus visible between two layers of liquid, but the volumes of the layers are not identic MORE

Partial Disability

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Partial Disability: An illness or injury that prevents an individual from performing one or more functions of his or her job. MORE

Partial Denture

Health / Dentistry / Partial Denture: A removable appliance used to replace one or more lost teeth. MORE

Partial Obscuration

Science / Weather / Partial Obscuration: Denotes that 1/8th or more of the sky, but not all of the sky, is hidden by any surface-based phenomena in the atmosphere, excluding precipitation. It often reduces horizontal visibility but not the v MORE

Partial Release

Business / Debt / Partial Release: Partial Release is a mortgage provision allowing some of the pledged collateral to be released if certain requirements are met. MORE

Partial Reps

Health / Fitness / Partial Reps: Performing an exercise without going through a complete range of motion either at the beginning or end of a rep. MORE