Technology / Aviation / Fin: The fixed part of a vertical airfoil that controls the yaw of an aircraft: the movable part being the RUDDER. Sometime referred to as Vertical Stabilizer.

Finders Fee

Business / Finance / Finders Fee: Decisions concerning the liabilities and stockholders' equity side of the firm's balance sheet, such as a decision to issue bonds. MORE


Science / Biology / Ray-Finned: Taxonomic group of fish, such as trout, tuna, salmon, and bass, that have thin, bony supports holding the fins away from the body and an internal swim bladder that changes the buoyancy of the body; on MORE


Science / Biology / Lobe-Finned: Fish with muscular fins containing large jointed bones that attach to the body; one of the two main types of bony fish. MORE

Rolfing Structural Integration

Health / Massage / Rolfing Structural Integration: A method to reorder the major body segments, Rolfing was founded by American biochemist Dr. Ida Rolf in the 1940s. Rolfing utilizes physical manipulation and movement awareness to bring head, shoulder MORE

Finish (As Applied To The Ball Reaction)

Entertainment / Bowling / Finish (As Applied To The Ball Reaction): The final drive the ball makes toward the pocket. .. a ball that fails to finish comes up short and leaves (at best) a half-ten, or a bucket. Can be the result of a poorly released shot, or from backe MORE

Rolled Roofing

Business / Real Estate / Rolled Roofing: An asphalt roofing material that is manufactured in rolls with granules on one side. Asphalt roofing is a relatively inexpensive and short-lived product, and should not be used as a roofing material o MORE