Flight Envelope

Technology / Aviation / Flight Envelope: An aircraft’s performance limits, specifically the curves of speed plotted against other variables to indicate the limits of speed, altitude, and acceleration that a particular aircraft cannot safely exceed.

Other Words for Flight

Flight Noun Synonyms: flying, soaring, winging, excursion

Gaussian Envelope Halfwidth

Science / Spiders / Gaussian Envelope Halfwidth: the halfwidth of the Gaussian in Fourier space, where the Gaussian is used to modify the envelope of the model CTF function. It is a composite parameter, used to account for a variety of effects, incl MORE

Funnel Flight

Life Style / Travel / Funnel Flight: A flight, such as on a regional or commuter carrier, that ' feeds ' larger planes which continue on to other destinations. Also, the use of a single flight number for an itinerary that really involves MORE

Flight To Quality

Business / Finance / Flight To Quality: Fund that invests in a variety of securities in varying proportions in order to maximize shareholder returns while maintaining a low level of risk. MORE

Flight sim

Entertainment / Video Games / Flight sim: A game that realistically simulates flying an aircraft. MORE

In-Flight Service

Life Style / Travel / In-Flight Service: Meals, free drinks, paid drinks, music, movies, and any other type of entertainment available during a flight. MORE

Instrument Flight Rules (IFR)

Technology / Aviation / Instrument Flight Rules (IFR): Governing flight under instrument meteorological conditions. MORE