Technology / Aviation / Glider: An unpowered aircraft capable of maintaining altitude only briefly after release from tow, then gliding to earth. Compare SAILPLANE.


Technology / Aviation / Trike: Nickname for a weight-shift-control aircraft, such as a paraglider. MORE


Technology / Aviation / Autogyro: An aircraft, often wingless, with unpowered rotary airfoil blades that auto-rotate and serve as wings as they move through the air when mounted on a powered aircraft (or, in some cases, a glider). The MORE


Technology / Aviation / Sailplane: An unpowered, soaring aircraft capable of maintaining level flight for long periods of time after release from tow and of gaining altitude using wind currents, as opposed to a GLIDER. MORE

Rogallo Wing

Technology / Aviation / Rogallo Wing: A flexible, delta-wing plan in which three rigid members are shaped in the form of an arrowhead and joined by a flexible fabric, which inflates upward under flight loads. Originally specific to paragl MORE

Light Sport Aircraft

Technology / Aviation / Light Sport Aircraft: Special FAA certification class (LSA) for an aircraft other than a helicopter or powered-lift—single-engine aircraft, airship, balloon, GLIDER, GYROCOPTER, ROTORCRAFT, weight-shift-control aircraft. MORE