Heat Load

Technology / Aviation / Heat Load: the amount of heat that the air conditioner is required to remove from an airplane cabin in order to maintain a constant cabin temperature.

Other Words for Heat

Heat Noun Synonyms: warm (up)
Heat Adjective Synonyms: warmth, warmness, hotness, fever, fieriness, torridity or torridness

Other Words for Load

Load Verb Synonyms: weight, burden, onus, pressure, encumbrance, millstone, cross, albatross, responsibility, care, anxiety, worry, trouble
Load Noun Synonyms: pack, pile, stack, heap, fill, lade, stuff, cram, jam, squeeze

Load Spread Option

Business / Finance / Load Spread Option: A method of allocating the annual sales charge on load funds, often through percentage deductions from a customer's periodic fixed payments. MORE


Business / Finance / Load-To-Load: Arrangement whereby the customer pays for the last delivery when the next one is received. MORE

Load Fund

Business / Finance / Load Fund: A mutual fund that sells shares with a sales charge-typically 4% to 8% of the net amount indicated. Some no-load funds also levy distribution fees permitted by Article 12b-1 of the Investment Company MORE

Load Factor (G)

Technology / Aviation / Load Factor (G): The proportion between lift and weight commonly seen as g (sometimes capitalized)—a unit of force equal to the force of gravity times one. MORE

Load Factor

Life Style / Travel / Load Factor: The percent of available space on an aircraft or other form of transportation that has been sold to date. MORE


Business / Machine Shop / Loading: A condition caused by grinding the wrong material with a grinding wheel or using too heavy a grinding action. MORE