Technology / Aviation / Helicopter: A wingless aircraft acquiring its lift from revolving blades driven by an engine about a near-vertical axis. A ROTORCRAFT acquiring its primary motion from engine-driven rotors that accelerate the air downward, providing a reactive lift force, or accelerate the air at an angle to the vertical, providing lift and thrust.

Helicopter Shot

Entertainment / Bowling / Helicopter Shot: A type of release that is used with lighter weight balls such that the ball appears to spin similar to a top rather than roll and hook; used by many players in the Far East as an alternative to a trad MORE


Health / First Aid / Ambulance: A vehicle used to transport sick or injured people with medical needs. A prehospital emergency medical services provider tends to the sick or injured occupant during transportation. Ambulances can be MORE

Spinner Shot

Entertainment / Bowling / Spinner Shot: A semi-roller that tracks very low on the ball, so low that in some cases you can see the thumb hole appear to be stationary as the ball revolves on the lane to the pins; generally less effective than MORE