Inertia Force

Technology / Aviation / Inertia Force: A force due to inertia, or the resistance to acceleration or deceleration.

Other Words for Force

Force Verb Synonyms: exact, extort, extract, wrest, wring, drag
Force Noun Synonyms: troops, soldiers, army
Force Adjective Synonyms: power, might, energy, strength, potency, vigor, intensity, violence, impact, dynamism, pressure

Other Words for Inertia

Inertia Adjective Synonyms: inertness, inactivity, sloth, sluggishness, torpor, dullness, idleness, indolence, laziness, slothfulness, passivity, apathy, lassitude, dormancy, listlessness, languor, immobility, motionlessness

Labor Force

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Labor Force: The number of employed individuals in the civilian workforce and armed services. MORE

Intermolecular Force

Science / Chemistry / Intermolecular Force: An attraction or repulsion between molecules. Intermolecular forces are much weaker than chemical bonds. Hydrogen bonds, dipole-dipole interactions, and London forces are examples of intermolecular fo MORE

Life Insurance In Force

Business / Finance / Life Insurance In Force: The dollar amount of life insurance that a company has issued, measured as the sum of policy face values and dividends paid. MORE

London Force

Science / Chemistry / London Force: An intermolecular attractive force that arises from a cooperative oscillation of electron clouds on a collection of molecules at close range. MORE

Oil Reinforcement

Entertainment / Photography / Oil Reinforcement: Is a method of altering the tonal range of prints on matte or textured fiber papers. The dried print is rubbed with a medium consisting of two parts of turpentine to one of mastic varnish and one of l MORE

Inertial Load

Technology / Motors / Inertial Load: A load (flywheel, fan, etc.) which tends to cause the motor shaft to continue to rotate after the power has been removed (stored kinetic energy). If this continued rotation cannot be tolerated, some m MORE