Inspection Authorization

Technology / Aviation / Inspection Authorization: An authorization issued by the FAA to experienced A&P technicians meeting certain requirements. This authorization allows them to return aircraft to service after annual inspections or certain major repairs.

Proper Authorization

Business / Accounting / Proper Authorization: Policy regarding either a general class of transactions such as inventory or a specific transaction to achieve control objectives. MORE

Prospective Authorization

Health / Health Insurance / Prospective Authorization: Authorization to deliver healthcare service that is issued before any service is rendered. Also known as precertification. MORE

Retrospective Authorization

Health / Health Insurance / Retrospective Authorization: Authorization to deliver healthcare service that is granted after service has been rendered. MORE

Prior Authorization

Health / Health Insurance / Prior Authorization: In the context of a pharmacy benefit management (PBM) plan, a program that requires physicians to obtain certification of medical necessity prior to drug dispensing. Also known as a medical-necessity MORE

Poultry Products Inspection Act Of 1957

Business / Agriculture / Poultry Products Inspection Act Of 1957: P.L. 85-172 (August 28, 1957), as amended by the Wholesome Poultry Products Act of 1968 (P.L. 90-492, August 18, 1968), requires USDA to inspect all 'domesticated birds' when slaughtered and processed MORE

Performance Based Inspection System (PBIS)

Business / Agriculture / Performance Based Inspection System (PBIS): A computer-based system used by USDA’s meat and poultry inspection agency, the Food Safety and Inspection Service. The system organizes inspection requirements, schedules inspection activities, and MORE