Jet Propulsion

Technology / Aviation / Jet Propulsion: that form of propulsion produced when a relatively small mass of air is given a large amount of acceleration.

Other Words for Propulsion

Propulsion Noun Synonyms: drive, impulse, impetus, thrust, power, driving or propelling or propulsive force, pressure, momentum, push

Low Level Jet (LLJ)

Science / Weather / Low Level Jet (LLJ): Strong winds that are concentrated in relatively narrow bands in the lower part of the atmosphere. It is often amplified at night. The southerly wind over the US Plains states during spring and summer MORE

Jumbo Jets

Technology / Aviation / Jumbo Jets: the name given to wide-bodied airplanes such as the Boeing 747, 757, McDonald Douglas DC-10, Lockheed L-1011, and the A-300 Airbus, etc. MORE


Science / Geology / Jetty: A human made structure built at right angles to a coastline and extending into the water. Jetties are built to protect an area of shoreline from the effects of currents, erosion or deposition. MORE


Entertainment / Ballet / Jete: Jete is a jump from one foot to the other (like a leap), in which one leg appears to be 'thrown' in the direction of the movement (front, back or sideways). There are several kinds of jetes, such as p MORE

Polar Jet

Science / Weather / Polar Jet: Marked by a concentration of isotherms and strong vertical shear, this jet is the boundary between the polar air and the subtropical air. It often divides into two branches, the north and the south, a MORE


Technology / Aviation / Ramjet: An aerodynamic duct in which fuel is burned to produce a high-velocity propulsive jet. It needs to be accelerated to high speed before it can become operative. MORE