Technology / Aviation / Joystick: A single floor- or roof-mounted control stick—sideways movement produces ROLL, and forward/backward movement produces PITCH (rudder pedals produce YAW).

Charge Attack

Entertainment / Video Games / Charge Attack: Typically found in 2D one-on-one fighters, a move that requires the player to hold the joystick in one direction for a few seconds before executing the attack. MORE

User Interface

Entertainment / Video Games / User Interface: The connection points between the 'game' on one side and the 'user' on the other. There are two aspects to a user interface: (1) The information that the game provides to the user so that the user wil MORE

Analog control

Entertainment / Video Games / Analog control: Unlike digital control, which simply registers a button push or joystick direction, analog control is highly sensitive and takes into account to what degree the button or joystick is pushed. In 3D gam MORE

Balanced Control Surface

Technology / Aviation / Balanced Control Surface: A movable control surface, as an aileron or rudder, having an added physical extension or weights forward of the hinge-point to reduce forces on a joystick or yoke. See ELEPHANT EARS (2). MORE