Light Sport Aircraft

Technology / Aviation / Light Sport Aircraft: Special FAA certification class (LSA) for an aircraft other than a helicopter or powered-lift—single-engine aircraft, airship, balloon, GLIDER, GYROCOPTER, ROTORCRAFT, weight-shift-control aircraft. While limiting the types of aircraft that could be flown by a Sport Pilot, it simplified requirements for a obtaining a pilot license and did not require a medical examination. See LSA feature.

Other Words for Light

Light Verb Synonyms: turn on, switch on, put on
Light Noun Synonyms: illumination, brightness, daylight, lamplight, candlelight, firelight, gaslight, torchlight, starlight, moonlight, sunlight, gegenschein, counterglow
Light Adjective Synonyms: ignite, set alight, set or put a match to, kindle, burn, touch off, set fire to, fire

Other Words for Sport

Sport Verb Synonyms: recreation, diversion, pastime, amusement, entertainment, play, distraction, relaxation, divertissement, pleasure, enjoyment, fun
Sport Adjective Synonyms: jest, humour, fun, mockery
Sport Noun Synonyms: show off, exhibit, flaunt, display, wear

Sport Pilot

Technology / Aviation / Sport Pilot: Special FAA certification enabling 'budget' pilotry: see LIGHT SPORT AIRCRAFT and LSA feature. MORE


Science / Astrology / Lights: An old term for the Sun and Moon; the Sun is the Greater Light, the Moon the Lesser Light. MORE

Lights Out

Entertainment / Bowling / Lights Out: Two distinctly different meanings: (1) when a player shoots incredible high scores; He shot lights out.; or, to indicate a breakdown in your game; The lights went out. MORE