Major Overhaul

Technology / Aviation / Major Overhaul: the complete disassembly, cleaning, inspection, repair, and reassembly of an aircraft, engine, or other component of an aircraft in accordance with the manufacturers specifications, and which will return the device to a serviceable condition.

Other Words for Major

Major Adjective Synonyms: larger, greater, bigger, main, chief, important

Other Words for Overhaul

Overhaul Verb Synonyms: overtake, pass, gain on or upon, draw ahead of, catch up with, get ahead of, outstrip, outdistance, leave behind, lap
Overhaul Noun Synonyms: renovate, refurbish, recondition, rebuild, restore, repair, service, adjust, patch (up), mend, fix (up)


Life Style / College / Major-Minor: A major is a student's chosen field of study. It usually requires the successful completion of a specified number of credit hours. A minor is designated as a specific number of credit hours in a secon MORE

Major Trading Area (MTA)

Technology / Cell Phones / Major Trading Area (MTA): Usually composed of several contiguous basic trading areas. A service area designed by Rand McNally and adopted by the FCC. There are 51 MTAs in the United States. MORE

Major Scale

Entertainment / Music / Major Scale: A collection of seven different pitches ordered in a specific pattern of whole and half steps. MORE

Majority Shareholder

Business / Finance / Majority Shareholder: A shareholder who is part of a group that controls more than half the outstanding shares of a corporation. MORE

Majority Voting

Business / Finance / Majority Voting: Voting system under which corporate shareholders vote for each director separately. Related: Cumulative voting. MORE

Supermajority Amendment

Business / Finance / Supermajority Amendment: Provision in a company's charter requiring a majority of, say, 80% of shareholders to approve certain changes, such as a merger. MORE