Technology / Aviation / Metar: Acronym in FAA pilot briefings and weather reports simply means an 'aviation routine weather report,' but nobody seems certain about the original source. The format was introduced by the French on 1 Jan 1968, but was not adopted by USA and Canada until 1 July 1996, and is thought to be a contraction from M?‰T?©orologique ('Weather') Aviation R??guli?©re ('Routine'). FAA and NOAA specifically define METAR as 'an approximate translation from the French.'


Science / Weather / Squall: A sudden onset of strong winds with speeds increasing to at least 16 knots (18 miles per hour) and sustained at 22 or more knots (25 miles per hour) for at least one minute. The intensity and duration MORE


Science / Weather / Sleet: Also known as ice pellets, it is winter precipitation in the form of small bits or pellets of ice that rebound after striking the ground or any other hard surface. It is reported as 'PE' in an observa MORE


Science / Weather / Shower: Precipitation from a convective cloud that is characterized by its sudden beginning and ending, changes in intensity, and rapid changes in the appearance of the sky. It occurs in the form of rain (SHR MORE