Non-Directional Beacon (NDB)

Technology / Aviation / Non-Directional Beacon (NDB): An LF, MF, or UHF radio beacon transmitting non-directional signals whereby the pilot of an aircraft equipped with direction finding equipment can determine his bearing to or from the radio beacon and 'home' on or track to or from the station. When the radio beacon is installed in conjuncion with the Instrument Landing System (ILS) marker, it is normally called a Compass Locator.

Other Words for Beacon

Beacon Noun Synonyms: signal, sign, fire, light, bonfire, flare, signal fire, Very light, rocket, lighthouse, pharos

Transponder Beacon

Technology / Radar / Transponder Beacon: A beacon having a transponder. Also called responder beacon. MORE

Responder Beacon

Technology / Radar / Responder Beacon: Transponder beacon. MORE

Radar Beacons

Technology / Radar / Radar Beacons: Transmitters operating in the marine radar frequency band, which produce distinctive indications on the radar scope. MORE