Octane Rating

Technology / Aviation / Octane Rating: The rating system of aviation gasoline with regard to its antidetonating qualities. Fuel with an octane rating of 87 is made up of a mixture of 87% isooctane and 13% heptane.

Operating Profit

Business / Finance / Operating Profit: Another term for operating income. MORE

Operating Performance Ratio

Business / Accounting / Operating Performance Ratio: An overall measure of the efficiency of operations during a period: computed by dividing net income by net sales. MORE

Operating Leverage

Business / Accounting / Operating Leverage: The extent to which fixed costs are part of a company's cost structure: the higher the proportion of fixed costs, the faster income increases or decreases with sales volumes. MORE

Operating Lease

Business / Accounting / Operating Lease: A simple rental agreement. MORE

Operating Profit (Or Loss)

Business / Finance / Operating Profit (Or Loss): Revenue from a firm's regular activities less costs and expenses and before income deductions. MORE

Operating Profit Margin

Business / Finance / Operating Profit Margin: The ratio of operating profit to net sales. MORE