Technology / Aviation / Overload: to apply a load in excess of that for which a device or structure is designed.

Other Words for Overload

Overload Noun Synonyms: surcharge, overcharge, overburden, dead weight, oppression, handicap, tax, load, encumbrance, impediment, hindrance
Overload Verb Synonyms: weigh down, burden, overburden, load (up), overtax, saddle with, tax, strain, impede, handicap, oppress, encumber, cumber, overcharge

Concept-Based Overloading

Technology / Programming / Concept-Based Overloading: Concept-based overloading selects the most specific algorithm from a set of specializations of a given algorithm. MORE

Input Overload Distortion

Technology / Home Audio / Input Overload Distortion: Distortion caused by too great an input signal being sent to an amplifier or preamplifier. It is not affected by volume control settings and often occurs when mics are positioned too close to the soun MORE

Overload Principle

Health / Fitness / Overload Principle: Used to increase strength in the body, this principle says when you lift a weight more than you are used to, your body will react causing changes, and you will be able to handle this change on the nex MORE

Thermal Protector (Inherent)

Technology / Motors / Thermal Protector (Inherent): An inherent overheating protective device which is responsive to motor temperature and which, when properly applied to a motor, protects the motor against dangerous overheating due to overload or fail MORE

Air Temperature Switch

Technology / Motors / Air Temperature Switch: A device used in air hooded motors to detect the temperature of the exhausted air. When used in this manner an air temperature switch will detect blockage in the cooling air system or long-term motor MORE


Technology / Home Audio / Limiter: An electronic compressor with a fixed ratio of 10:1 or greater. The dynamic action effectively prevents the audio signal from becoming any larger than the threshold setting. For example, if the thresh MORE