Technology / Aviation / Pants: A popular word for streamlined, non-load bearing fairings to cover landing wheels. Also sometimes called Spats or, when fully enclosing the wheel struts, Skirts.

Other Words for Pants

Pants Verb Synonyms: (men's) drawers, small-clothes, smalls, drawers, underpants, boxer shorts, trunks, undershorts, Y-fronts, briefs, smalls, (women's) knickers, camiknickers, panties, drawers, bloomers, pantalettes, tights, pantihose, undies

Put Pants On It

Business / Finance / Put Pants On It : Used in the context of general equities. 'Elaborate on your intentions or your inquiry,' especially with respect to size, side, and price. See: Open up. MORE

Plan Participants

Business / Finance / Plan Participants: Employees or other beneficiaries who are eligible to receive benefits from a company's employee benefit plan. MORE

Lords Rooms

Entertainment / Literature / Lords Rooms: During the Renaissance, the most prestigious and costly seating in public playhouses were the lords' rooms. These rooms were partitioned sections of the gallery near the 'above.' (The cost was three p MORE

Courtly Love

Entertainment / Literature / Courtly Love: (Medieval Frenchfin amour or amour courtois): Possibly a cultural trope in the late twelfth-century, or possibly a literary convention that captured popular imagination, courtly love refers to a code MORE


Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Slashing: This is when a player swings his stick at an opponent, whether contact is made or not. Non-aggressive stick contact to the pants or front of the shin pads should not be penalized as slashing. For slas MORE

Middendorf Breathwork

Health / Massage / Middendorf Breathwork: Through a series of spontaneous movement exercises, participants use basic sensing, focusing, vocalizing, and hands-on techniques to consciously experience the meaning of their personal breath movemen MORE