Radial Engine

Technology / Aviation / Radial Engine: A reciprocating aircraft engine in which all of the cylinders are arranged radially, or spoke-like, around a small crankcase. Also referred to as round engines.

Other Words for Engine

Engine Adjective Synonyms: motor, machine, mechanism, appliance, apparatus, locomotive

Rotary Engine

Technology / Aviation / Rotary Engine: A powerplant that rotates on a stationary propeller shaft. An American invention by Adams-Farwell Co (1896), it was first used for buses and trucks in the US (1903), then copied by French engineers fo MORE

Search Engine

Technology / Computers / Search Engine: This is the working part of a database or application. MORE


Business / Human Resources (HR) / Reengineering: The redesigning of business and work processes, policies or organizational structure. MORE

Radially Symmetrical

Science / Biology / Radially Symmetrical: In animals, refers to organisms with their body parts arranged around a central axis. Such animals tend to be circular or cylindrical in shape. MORE

Radial Mounted Calipers

Technology / Motorcycle / Radial Mounted Calipers: A transfer of technology from road racing machines to street bikes of today. The brake calipers attach to the front fork with bolts aligned with the caliper centerline (as opposed to bolts through the MORE

Radial Velocity

Science / Weather / Radial Velocity: A type of velocity that expresses motion toward or away from a given location. In Doppler radar, it is the component of motion that is parallel to the radar beam. MORE