Rogallo Wing

Technology / Aviation / Rogallo Wing: A flexible, delta-wing plan in which three rigid members are shaped in the form of an arrowhead and joined by a flexible fabric, which inflates upward under flight loads. Originally specific to paragliders, but now found on some powered aircraft.

Swing Area

Entertainment / Bowling / Swing Area: The amount of error a player has when making a shot. MORE


Entertainment / Golf / Swing: 1. To make a stroke 2. A significant change in the score (as in a scale, or the balance, shifting) MORE

Special Drawing Rights (SDR)

Business / Finance / Special Drawing Rights (SDR): Also referred to as an extra dividend. Dividend that is unlikely to be repeated. MORE

Swing Arm

Technology / Motorcycle / Swing Arm: Older motorcycles and some new motorcycles have rigid frames much like bicycles. Thus, the frame is connected directly to the rear wheel. A swing arm is a movable joint between the frame of the motorc MORE

Swing Back-Front

Entertainment / Photography / Swing Back-Front: Term used to describe the movable lens and back panels of most view and monorail cameras. They allow manipulation of perspective and depth of field. MORE

Swing Path

Entertainment / Golf / Swing Path: (also 'path') the direction the clubhead is traveling (generally referred to through the impact area and in relation to the target line) MORE