Technology / Aviation / Roll: Of the three axes in flight, this specifies the action around a central point. Compare PITCH and YAW.

Other Words for Roll

Roll Adjective Synonyms: rotate, cycle, turn (over (and over)), wheel, trundle, revolve, go (a)round, orbit, tumble, somersault or somerset or summersault or summerset
Roll Verb Synonyms: undulate, billow, rise and fall
Roll Noun Synonyms: pass, go, flow, slip, flit, glide, slide, move (on), expire, elapse, disappear, vanish, evaporate

Body Rolling

Health / Massage / Body Rolling: Practiced on a six to ten inch ball, and following specific routines that imitate the logic of the neuromuscular system, body rolling is a self-care practice that helps maintain the health of the neur MORE

Snow Roller

Science / Weather / Snow Roller: The product of moist, cohesive snow that when initiated by wind rolls across the landscape, gathering snow until it can no longer move. It is shaped like a rolled sleeping bag, some reaching four feet MORE

Comptroller Of The Currency

Business / Finance / Comptroller Of The Currency: The investigation of a firm's business in conjunction with a securities offering to determine whether the firm's business and financial situation and its prospects are adequately disclosed in the pros MORE

Roll Down

Business / Finance / Roll Down: To move to an option position with a lower exercise price. MORE

Roll, Richard

Business / Finance / Roll, Richard: Author of path-breaking work on asset pricing including the famous Roll critique. Finance professor at UCLA. MORE


Entertainment / Video Games / Trolling: A troll is someone who is deliberately provocative in an attempt to stir up controversy. The act of 'trolling' is to be purposely inflammatory. MORE