Technology / Aviation / Slip: Too steep a bank in a turn, causing an aircraft to slide inward from its ideal turning path.

Other Words for Slip

Slip Verb Synonyms: blunder, error, mistake, fault, oversight, slip of the tongue or pen, inadvertence, indiscretion, impropriety, transgression, peccadillo, faux pas, slip-up, blooper, boob, bloomer
Slip Noun Synonyms: slide, skid, glide, slither

Freudian Slip

Entertainment / Literature / Freudian Slip: A slip of the tongue in which a person means to say one thing, but accidentally substitutes another word or phrase in a suggestive or revealing manner. For instance, suppose a young man were attracted MORE

Slipper Clutch

Technology / Motorcycle / Slipper Clutch: Specialized clutches developed for racing motorcycles to mitigate the effects of engine braking when riders would decelerate as they entered corners. They are designed to partially disengage or "slip" MORE

Freudian Slips (Parapraxes)

Science / Psychiatry / Freudian Slips (Parapraxes): unconscious thoughts slipping through when one is off guard. MORE

Oblique-Slip Fault

Science / Geology / Oblique-Slip Fault: A fault that combines some strike slip motion with some dip-slip motion. MORE

Serial Line Internet Protocol (SLIP)

Business / Internet Marketing / Serial Line Internet Protocol (SLIP): Serial Line Internet Protocol. SLIP refers to a method of Internet connection that enables computers to use phone lines and a modem to connect to the Internet without having to connect to a host. MORE


Technology / Aviation / Sideslip: A movement of an aircraft in which a relative flow of air moves along the lateral axis, resulting in a sideways movement from a projected flight path, especially a downward slip toward the inside of a MORE