Technology / Aviation / Solo: After typically 12-20 hours of initial flight training, qualified student pilots are permitted to undertake some flights to build experience and confidence without a flight instructor on board. A first solo requires a written endorsement by the student’s flight instructor (and a third-class medical certificate) if training for the private pilot certificate. The first solo is a major event for any pilot and traditionally includes three takeoffs and landings at the student’s home airport.

Other Words for Solo

Solo Adjective Synonyms: alone, unaccompanied, on one's own
Solo Noun Synonyms: individual, unaccompanied, solitary


Health / Massage / Myomassology: Myomassology is an integration of techniques including basic Swedish massage, aromatherapy, reflexology, shiatsu, iridology, herbology, energy balancing, ear candling, and craniosacral therapy in conj MORE


Science / Weather / Mesolow: A small scale low pressure center, ranging from the size of an individual thunderstorm to many tens of miles. MORE

Solo Mailing

Technology / Email / Solo Mailing: A one-time broadcast to an email list, separate from regular newsletters or promotions, and often including a message from an outside advertiser or a special promotion from the list owner. MORE