Split Flap

Technology / Aviation / Split Flap: A FLAP built into the underside of a wing, as opposed to a Full Flap wherein a whole portion of the trailing edge is used.

Other Words for Flap

Flap Noun Synonyms: slap, slat, beat, flail, wave, wag, waggle, flutter, thresh, thrash, oscillate, vibrate
Flap Verb Synonyms: flapping, beat, wave, wag, waggle, flutter, oscillation

Other Words for Split

Split Verb Synonyms: crack, cleft, fissure, chink, cranny, slit, slot, crevice, groove, furrow, channel, sulcus, gap, hiatus, lacuna, opening, separation, division, chasm, rift, break, rupture, fracture, slash, gash, tear, rip, rent


Technology / Aviation / Flap: A movable, usually hinged AIRFOIL set in the trailing edge of an aircraft wing, designed to increase LIFT or DRAG by changing the CAMBER of the wing or used to slow an aircraft during landing by incre MORE

Split Print

Business / Finance / Split Print: A large securities transaction that is divided into smaller orders that are spread out over some period of time to avoid large fluctuations in the market price. MORE

Split Rating

Business / Finance / Split Rating: Block trade printed at two different prices. Often used in dividend rolls to get an average price equal to the dividend. MORE

Split Step

Entertainment / Tennis / Split Step: A footwork technique, doing a small hop just before the opponent hits the ball. MORE

Split Stock

Business / Finance / Split Stock: Two different ratings given to the same security by two important rating agencies. MORE

Split Phase Start

Technology / Motors / Split Phase Start: Motor which employs a main winding and an auxiliary winding, which is called the starting winding. The windings are unlike and thereby 'split' the single phase of the power supply by causing a phase d MORE