Student Pilot

Technology / Aviation / Student Pilot: A pilot who is training for a sport pilot or private pilot certificate, either before or after the first solo. A sport pilot student pilot must obtain a student pilot certificate through the FAA or a designated source, such as the National Association of Flight Instructors headquarters, while a private pilot student must obtain a third-class medial certificate through a medical examination by an FAA-designated aviation medical examiner before being allowed to fly solo in a powered aircraft. The student pilot certificate, once signed by the flight instructor, becomes the official student pilot certificate and must be carried with the student on every solo flight made.

Other Words for Pilot

Pilot Noun Synonyms: aviator, aviatrix, flier, airman, airwoman, aeronaut, captain

Other Words for Student

Student Verb Synonyms: pupil, learner, scholar, undergraduate, schoolboy, schoolgirl, schoolchild, trainee, apprentice, disciple, swot or swotter or swat, grind
Student Noun Synonyms: devotee, follower, admirer, observer, evaluator, commentator, critic

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