Technology / Aviation / Taxi: To move an airplane on the ground under its own power.

Other Words for Taxi

Taxi Noun Synonyms: drive, ride (on the ground)
Taxi Adjective Synonyms: taxi-cub, cab, hackney, hack


Entertainment / Literature / Hypotaxis: Using clauses with a precise degree of subordination and clear indication of the logical relationship between them--i.e., having clear subordinating and coordinating conjunctions, as opposed to parata MORE

Air Taxi

Technology / Aviation / Air Taxi: An aircraft operator who conducts operations for hire or compensation in accordance with FAR Part 135 in an aircraft with 30 or fewer passenger seats and a payload capacity of 7,500# or less. An air t MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Parataxis: Rhetorically juxtaposing two or more clauses or prepositions together in strings or with few or no connecting conjunctions or without indicating their relationship to each other in terms of co-ordinat MORE


Science / Psychiatry / Ataxia: Partial or complete loss of coordination of voluntary muscular movement. MORE

Syntaxic Mode

Science / Psychiatry / Syntaxic Mode: The mode of perception that forms whole, logical, coherent pictures of reality that can be validated by others. MORE


Science / Biology / Taxis: The behavior when an animal turns and moves toward or away from an external stimulus (pl.: taxes). MORE