Technology / Aviation / Thrust: The driving force of a propeller in the line of its shaft or the forward force produced in reaction to the gases expelled rearward from a jet or rocket engine. Opposite of DRAG.

Other Words for Thrust

Thrust Verb Synonyms: push, shove, drive, force, impel, ram, jam, butt, propel, prod, urge, press, shoulder, jostle, elbow

Axial Thrust

Technology / Motors / Axial Thrust: The force or loads that are applied to the motor shaft in a direction parallel to the axis of the shaft. (Such as from a fan or pump) MORE

Thrust Fault

Science / Geology / Thrust Fault: A dip-slip fault in which the upper block above the fault plane moves up and over the lower block, so that older strata are placed over younger. MORE

Thrust Bearings

Technology / Motors / Thrust Bearings: Special bearings used to handle higher than normal axial forces exerted on the shaft of the motor as is the case with some fan or pump blade mountings. MORE

Thrust Stage

Entertainment / Literature / Thrust Stage: Another term for an apron stage. MORE

Expansion Ratio

Technology / Rockets / Expansion Ratio: The ratio of the area of the exit diameter of the exhaust portion of a nozzle to the area of the throat - determines Cf (thrust coefficient). MORE

Boiler Plate Motor

Technology / Rockets / Boiler Plate Motor: A very solid overdesigned thrust chamber used to test new propellants or new injector concepts. MORE