Trim Tab

Technology / Aviation / Trim Tab: A small, auxiliary control surface in the trailing edge of a wingform, adjustable mechanically or by hand, to counteract ('trim') aerodynamic forces on the main control surfaces.

Other Words for Tab

Tab Noun Synonyms: charge, bill, account, reckoning, check
Tab Adjective Synonyms: flap, tag, loop, ticket, sticker, label, flag, lappet, strap, handle

Other Words for Trim

Trim Verb Synonyms: curtail, shorten, prune, pare, lop (off), crop, bob, clip, cut, shave, shear, snip, dock, barber
Trim Adjective Synonyms: decorate, embellish, dress up, embroider, adorn, ornament, deck out, caparison, beautify
Trim Noun Synonyms: neat, tidy, orderly, well-ordered, well-groomed, well turned out, well-kempt, smart, crisp, dapper, spick and span, spruce, shipshape (and Bristol fashion), dialectal trig, natty, spiffy

Sodium Metabisulfite

Entertainment / Photography / Sodium Metabisulfite: Used as an acidifying agent in acid fixing baths. MORE

Square-Tab Shingles

Business / Construction / Square-Tab Shingles: Shingles on which tabs are all the same size and exposure. MORE


Technology / Aviation / Stabilator: A movable horizontal tail that combines the actions of a stabilizer and elevator, increasing longitudinal stability while creating a pitching moment. MORE

Showalter Stability Index

Science / Weather / Showalter Stability Index: A measure of the local static stability of the atmosphere. It is determined by lifting an air parcel to 500 millibars and then comparing its temperature to that of the environment. If the parcel is co MORE

Sheet Tab

Technology / Computers / Sheet Tab: In spreadsheet applications, this would refer to a tab at the bottom of a work sheet that acts as a means to identify or access different sheets within a workbook. MORE

Risk-Adjusted Profitability

Business / Finance / Risk-Adjusted Profitability: A probability used to determine a 'sure' expected value (sometimes called a certainty equivalent) that would be equivalent to the actual risky expected value. MORE