True North

Technology / Aviation / True North: The northern direction of the axis of the Earth: aka 'Map North.' GEOGRAPHIC NORTH, as opposed to MAGNETIC NORTH.

Other Words for True

True Adjective Synonyms: exactly, correctly, geographically
True Noun Synonyms: accurate, correct, truthful, faithful, literal, authentic, veracious, actual, factual, realistic, genuine, right, valid, unelaborated, unvarnished, unadulterated, verified, verifiable
True Verb Synonyms: truly, truthfully, honestly, accurately, candidly, frankly, sincerely, straightforwardly

Geographic North

Technology / Aviation / Geographic North: The northern axis around which the Earth revolves: aka 'Map North' and TRUE NORTH. Also see MAGNETIC NORTH. MORE

True Direction

Science / Tides and Currents / True Direction: Direction relative to true north (0°) which is the direction of the north geographic pole. See compass direction and magnetic direction. MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Northumbrian: The Old English dialect spoken in the kingdom of Northumbria (i.e., north of the Umber river). MORE

Stabilized Display (North-Upward)

Technology / Radar / Stabilized Display (North-Upward): A ppi display in which the orientation of the relative motion presentation is fixed to an unchanging reference (north). This display is north-upward, normally. In an unstabilized display, the orientat MORE

Texas Norther

Science / Weather / Texas Norther: Local name in the south-central Great Plains for strong winter winds blowing north or northwest following a sharp cold front with dropping temperatures. Marked by a dark, blue-black sky. MORE

Northern Europe (NE) Cotton Price

Business / Agriculture / Northern Europe (NE) Cotton Price: An average of the five lowest prices of several internationally-traded cottons (including cost, insurance, and freight) quoted for delivery in Northern Europe. The NE price is used by USDA in its form MORE