Uncontrolled Spin

Technology / Aviation / Uncontrolled Spin: A spin in an airplane in which the controls are of little or no use in effecting a recovery.

Other Words for Spin

Spin Verb Synonyms: revolve, turn, rotate, gyrate, twirl, whirl, twist, reel, pirouette, pivot

Other Words for Uncontrolled

Uncontrolled Adjective Synonyms: unrestrained, ungoverned, unchecked, untrammelled, undisciplined, wild, unruly, boisterous, riotous, out of hand or of control, rampant, frenzied, frantic, going berserk, running amok or amuck


Science / Spiders / Spine: A thick, stiff hair or bristle. MORE

Spine Corrector

Health / Pilates / Spine Corrector: See Barrels. MORE

Spine Frame

Technology / Motorcycle / Spine Frame: A motorcycle frame with a single main structural member from which the engine is suspended. Also known as a backbone frame. MORE

Spinner Shot

Entertainment / Bowling / Spinner Shot: A semi-roller that tracks very low on the ball, so low that in some cases you can see the thumb hole appear to be stationary as the ball revolves on the lane to the pins; generally less effective than MORE

Spindle Speed

Business / Machine Shop / Spindle Speed: The RPM at which a machine is set. MORE

Spindle Apparatus

Science / Biology / Spindle Apparatus: Microtubule construction that aligns and segregates chromosomes during eukaryotic cell division. MORE