Ventral Fin

Technology / Aviation / Ventral Fin: A fin/rudder extension on the bottom of a fuselage. Opposite of DORSAL FIN.

Dorsal Fin

Technology / Aviation / Dorsal Fin: A lateral fin/rudder extension on the top of a fuselage. Opposite of VENTRAL FIN. MORE

Interior Finish

Business / Construction / Interior Finish: Material used to cover the interior framed areas of walls and ceilings MORE

Interim Financing

Business / Finance / Interim Financing: A short-term loan made to a company on the condition that a takeout will follow with long-term or intermediate financing. MORE

Internal Finance

Business / Finance / Internal Finance: Finance generated within a firm by retained earnings and depreciation. MORE

International Finance Corporation (IFC)

Business / Finance / International Finance Corporation (IFC): A corporation owned by the World Bank that produces a number of well-known stock indexes for emerging markets. Its major role is to provide financing for projects in less developed countries. MORE

Investment Group Financing

Business / Real Estate / Investment Group Financing: Large real estate projects, such as highrise apartment buildings, office complexes and shopping centers, are often financed as joint ventures through group financing arrangements like syndicates, limi MORE