Visual Flight Rules (VFR)

Technology / Aviation / Visual Flight Rules (VFR): A defined set of FAA regulations and "rules of the road" covering operation of aircraft primarily by visual reference to the horizon (for aircraft control) and see-and-avoid procedures (for traffic separation). VFR is used by more than 70 percent of all flights: it is not, by definition, uncontrolled or out of control.

Other Words for Flight

Flight Noun Synonyms: flying, soaring, winging, excursion

Rules Of Fair Practice

Business / Finance / Rules Of Fair Practice: Rules established by the NASD that lay down guidelines for just and equitable principles of trade and business in securities markets. MORE

Rules Of Golf

Entertainment / Golf / Rules Of Golf: Regulations and procedures of the game as set forth by a collaborative effort of the royal and ancient golf club of st. Andrews in scotland and the united states golf association (for specific rules s MORE

Runway Visual Range (RVR)

Science / Weather / Runway Visual Range (RVR): It is the maximum distance at which the runway, or the specified lights or markers delineating it, can be seen from a position above a specified point on its center line. This value is normally determ MORE