Wing Loading

Technology / Aviation / Wing Loading: The maximum take-off gross weight of an aircraft divided by its wing area.

Swing Area

Entertainment / Bowling / Swing Area: The amount of error a player has when making a shot. MORE


Entertainment / Golf / Swing: 1. To make a stroke 2. A significant change in the score (as in a scale, or the balance, shifting) MORE

Special Drawing Rights (SDR)

Business / Finance / Special Drawing Rights (SDR): Also referred to as an extra dividend. Dividend that is unlikely to be repeated. MORE

Single Wing

Entertainment / Football / Single Wing: A term used to describe a diverse set of formations, now out of fashion but highly popular between 1906 and World War II, that typically used an unbalanced line, direct snap, and one wingback. MORE

Swing Arm

Technology / Motorcycle / Swing Arm: Older motorcycles and some new motorcycles have rigid frames much like bicycles. Thus, the frame is connected directly to the rear wheel. A swing arm is a movable joint between the frame of the motorc MORE

Swing Back-Front

Entertainment / Photography / Swing Back-Front: Term used to describe the movable lens and back panels of most view and monorail cameras. They allow manipulation of perspective and depth of field. MORE