Active Matrix

Technology / Computers / Active Matrix: A type of LCD (liquid crystal display) structure that is actively controlled by a diode or transistor. This allows for each pixel to be independently controlled which produces excellent color resolution.

Other Words for Active

Active Adjective Synonyms: strenuous, vigorous, full, dynamic, physical, energetic, lively, busy, brisk, bustling, occupied, on the move, on the go, running

Passive Matrix

Technology / Computers / Passive Matrix: An older form of LCD (liquid crystal display) technology that processes pixels using row-and-column formatting. This type of formatting produces slower responce times and lower contrast ratios when co MORE

Interactive Novel

Entertainment / Literature / Interactive Novel: A 'choose-your-own-adventure' style novel in which the reader has the option to choose what will happen next, creating a different possible series of events or endings for the narrative. Often this me MORE

Interactive Television

Technology / Television (TV) / Interactive Television: An anticipated use of television with interactive content and enhancements, enabling the viewer to interact with the program. Interactive television, in theory, would enhance the entertainment experie MORE


Technology / Computers / Matrix: As an Internet term, this would refer to computers setup within a network and all of them having to ability to exchange information. The Internet itself could be considered a Matrix. MORE

Interactive Mode

Technology / Television (TV) / Interactive Mode: Type of television text in which the historical world is mixed with that of the video/film maker--according to Bill Nichols's approach to nonfiction television and film. This occurs in one of two ways MORE

Matrix Organization

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Matrix Organization: An organizational structure where employees report to more than one manager or supervisor. MORE