Technology / Computers / Adapter: A device that serves as an interface between dissimilar devices. Often also called a circuit board, or card, but can also refer to a connector or cable adapter that changes connection types from one to another.

Network Adapter

Technology / Computers / Network Adapter: This is a hardware unit that connects a device to a communication line. For wide area networks (WAN), these adapters connect routers to the specific type of connection (T1, BRI) that is installed. For MORE

Color Graphics Adapter (CGA)

Technology / Computers / Color Graphics Adapter (CGA): Stands for Color Graphics Adapter. Introduced by IBM as their first microcomputer color standard. This graphics card allowed a maximum of four colors at a resolution of 320 x 200 or two colors at 640 MORE

Adapter Ring

Entertainment / Photography / Adapter Ring: Circular mount, available in several sizes, enabling accessories such as filters to be used with lenses of different diameters. MORE

Display Adapter

Technology / Computers / Display Adapter: The interface between the computer and the monitor. Transmits the signals that, in turn, appear as images on the display. This can be an expansion card or an integrated chip on the motherboard. MORE

Y Cable Or Adapter

Technology / Home Audio / Y Cable Or Adapter: A cable used to split a signal into two parts or combine two signals into one. The term, Y Cable is used because the cable has the appearance of the letter Y, where there are two parts joined into one MORE

Drill Socket

Business / Machine Shop / Drill Socket: An adapter similar to a sleeve except that it is made to adapt a larger taperedshank tool to a smaller size spindle. MORE