Technology / Computers / Aero: Aero is the name of Windows Vista's new graphical interface that gives users an exciting new desktop look and feel. It stands for: Authentic, Energetic, Reflective and Open. It is designed to be very aesthetically pleasing. It's effects include, Glass effects, Advanced Window Management features, and Desktop Composition which creates a more stable experience.

Anaerobic Threshold

Health / Fitness / Anaerobic Threshold: The point at which your body switches from using oxygen as its primary source of energy to using stored sugar. When you’re in poor physical shape, you hit your anaerobic threshold while exercising a MORE

Anaerobic Exercise

Entertainment / Bowling / Anaerobic Exercise: Exercise utilizing carbohydrates as the main energy source. Short term habitually requiring maximal efforts of strength or power. MORE


Entertainment / Music / Aerophone: World music classification for instruments that produce sound by using air as the primary vibrating means, such as flute, trumpet or whistle. The most common Western instruments of this category belon MORE