Technology / Computers / Alias: A shortcut or 'friendly name' that points to a file folder or application. As an example, when you enter in a user name for an application, this user name would be an 'alias'.


Technology / Computers / Antialiasing: Software designed to make diagonal or curved lines appear smooth and continuous. Aliasing refers to undersirable visual effects in computer generated images caused by low sampling. Antialiasing seeks MORE


Entertainment / Video Games / Anti-Aliasing: A programming technique (or hardware capability) that automatically smoothes jaggy edges, and is especially useful for making low-resolution images look better. MORE


Technology / Computers / Aliasing: This refers to the distortion in a sound or image generation. A sound distortion occurs when digitally recording high frequencies with a low sample rate. An image distortion occurs when a printer, mon MORE


Life Style / Wine Grapes / Ondenc: White-wine cultivar grown in France. Translocated to Australia where it is known under the alias names of Sercial and Irvines White. MORE


Life Style / Wine Grapes / Norton: This well-known native N. American V.aestivalis cultivar, with the alias name Virginia Seedling, was thought to be derived by chance pollination involving the American aestivalis native species. A rec MORE

Pedro Ximénez

Life Style / Wine / Pedro Ximénez: An important Sherry grape, which produces an intensely sweet juice. It may be bottled as an unblended PX Sherry - so obviously a very sweet wine - or may be blended with other wines to produce a sweet MORE