Technology / Computers / Analog: Anything whose behavior corresponds with the behavior of something else, especially if the correspondence varies continuously rather than in steps. For example, the height of the liquid in a thermometer is an analog of the temperature. The signals that go from a computer to a composite monitor are analog voltages.

Analog control

Entertainment / Video Games / Analog control: Unlike digital control, which simply registers a button push or joystick direction, analog control is highly sensitive and takes into account to what degree the button or joystick is pushed. In 3D gam MORE

Analog Switch

Technology / Home Audio / Analog Switch: A hardware-oriented switch that only passes signals that are faithful analogs of transducer parameters. MORE

Analog TV

Technology / Television (TV) / Analog TV: Analog TV is the NTSC Standard for traditional television broadcasts. Analog signals vary continuously, representing fluctuations in color and brightness. MORE