Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU)

Technology / Computers / Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU): Arithmetic Logic Unit. This is a mathematical core circuitry that applies to all computers central processing units (CPU). ALU mathematically and logically calculates the results of binary data.

Other Words for Logic

Logic Noun Synonyms: reasonableness, intelligence, judiciousness, practicality, rationality
Logic Adjective Synonyms: reasoning, deduction, dialectics, ratiocination, inferential or scientific reasoning

Other Words for Unit

Unit Noun Synonyms: element, component, entity, part, item, constituent, piece, portion, segment, section, module

Practical Salinity Units (PSU)

Science / Marine Biology / Practical Salinity Units (PSU): A measure of the salt content of seawater (practical salinity), based upon electrical conductivity of a sample relative to a reference standard of sea water, which now happens to be a reference set of MORE


Technology / Motorcycle / Pre-Unit: An early motorcycle engine architecture where the engine and gearbox are built as independent casings, with their own oil reservoirs. (Compare unit construction). MORE

Present Value Of Growth Opportunities

Business / Finance / Present Value Of Growth Opportunities: Net present value (NPV) of investments the firm is expected to make in the future. MORE

Programmable Logic Device (PLD)

Technology / Computers / Programmable Logic Device (PLD): A digital integrated circuit that can be programmed by the user to perform a wide variety of logical operations. MORE

Portfolio Opportunity Set

Business / Finance / Portfolio Opportunity Set: The expected return/standard deviation pairs of all portfolios that can be constructed from a given set of assets. MORE

Planned Unit Development (PUD)

Business / Real Estate / Planned Unit Development (PUD): A relatively modern concept in housing designed to produce a high density of dwellings and maximum use of open spaces. This efficient use of land allows greater flexibility for residential land and de MORE