Average Seek Time

Technology / Computers / Average Seek Time: The average amount of time it takes to move the heads of a hard disk from one random cylinder location to another. Often defined as the seek time across one third of the total number of cylinders.

Other Words for Average

Average Adjective Synonyms: normal, common,ual, customary, general, typical, ordinary, regular
Average Noun Synonyms: mean, norm,ual, standard

Other Words for Seek

Seek Adjective Synonyms: look (for), search (for), hunt (for), go or be after, quest after, pursue
Seek Conjunction Synonyms: ask for, request, beg, solicit, invite, demand

Other Words for Time

Time Noun Synonyms: period, interval, stretch, spell, patch

Screen Time

Technology / Television (TV) / Screen Time: The duration of a program--which is normally shorter than the time represented in the program's narrative (that is, its story time). E.g., the story time of one soap opera episode is typically a day o MORE

Sailing Time

Life Style / Travel / Sailing Time: The actual hour at which the ship is scheduled to clear the dock and sail. MORE

Seek A Market

Business / Finance / Seek A Market: Search for a securities buyer or seller. MORE


Technology / Digital Cameras / Self-Timer: A setting that allows a lapse between pressing the shutter button and firing of the camera. MORE

Sensitivity Time Control (STC)

Technology / Radar / Sensitivity Time Control (STC): An electronic circuit designed to automatically increase the gain as the electron beam is deflected from the center to the edge of the scope. Also called anti-clutter gain control. MORE

Rushing Average

Entertainment / Football / Rushing Average: (also yards per carry average) the quotient of a player's total rushing yards divided by the number of rushing attempts. MORE