Technology / Computers / BUS: A bus is a grouping of wires that allow the flow of data from one area of the computer to another. It is thought of that a bus represents a highway that the data travels through in the computer system. In personal computing, some refer to a bus as the Internal bus which connects all of the devices to the CPU and memory. Also, you may hear the term expansion bus, which connects the expansion board with the CPU and memory. All buses are made up of two parts a Data Bus and a Address Bus. The data bus is responsible for the actual data transfer whereas the address bus will route the data to the proper place. The size of the bus, which is measured in width is the amount of data that it is able to transmit. For instance, a 16 bit bus will be able to transfer 16 bits of data and a 32 bit bus can transfer 32 bits a data.


Life Style / College / Syllabus: A detailed program or outline of a course of study prepared by the instructor. A syllabus will often include: a long description or statement of purpose for the course, a list of the course requiremen MORE

Business Opportunity

Business / Real Estate / Business Opportunity: Any type of business that is for sale (also called business brokerage). The sale or lease of the business and goodwill of an existing business, enterprise or opportunity, including a sale of all or su MORE

Combustion Gases

Business / Real Estate / Combustion Gases: The gasses that are emitted from a flame upon the combustion of a flammable material. MORE