Technology / Computers / Backup: To copy files to a second source or media in an effort to safeguard the original version. When computer, the first rule is to backup your files regularly. Even if you think you have the most reliable of computers, you just never know when its time is up. It is recommended that you keep your backup copy in a separate place from the original.

Backup Offer

Business / Real Estate / Backup Offer: An offer to buy, submitted to a seller, with the understanding that the seller has already accepted a prior offer, a secondary offer. Sometimes the seller accepts the backup offer contingent on the fa MORE

Backup Ball

Entertainment / Bowling / Backup Ball: A type of release that causes the ball to hook opposite from the norm; i.e., a ball that moves to the right for a right hand bowler or to the left for a left hand bowler. MORE

Backup (Slice)

Entertainment / Bowling / Backup (Slice): A ball which curves or 'fades away' to the right for a right hander and vice versa for a left hander. MORE