Bad Sector

Technology / Computers / Bad Sector: A sector on a disk or disk drive that cannot reliably store data because of a flaw in the media or damaged format markings.

Other Words for Bad

Bad Adjective Synonyms: poor, wretched, inferior, defective, awful, worthless, miserable, egregious, execrable, substandard, unsatisfactory, disappointing, inadequate, non-standard, lousy, rotten, crummy, grotty, naff

Public Sector Net Cash Requirement

Business / Debt / Public Sector Net Cash Requirement: Formerly known as Public Sector Borrowing Requirement (PSBR), PSNCR is the difference between the expenditure of the public sector and its income. Where there is a deficit it is financed by borrowing MORE


Technology / Computers / Sector: A section of one track defined with identification markings and an identification number. Most sectors hold 512 bytes of data. MORE


Life Style / Wine Grapes / Monbadon: (See Burger above). MORE

Market Sectors

Business / Finance / Market Sectors: The classifications of bonds by issuer characteristics, such as state government, corporate, or utility. MORE

Intermarket Sector Spread

Business / Finance / Intermarket Sector Spread: The spread between the interest rate offered in two sectors of the bond market for issues of the same maturity. MORE

Intramarket Sector Spread

Business / Finance / Intramarket Sector Spread: The spread between two issues of the same maturity within a market sector. For instance, the difference in interest rates offered for five-year industrial corporate bonds and five-year utility corpora MORE