Baseband Transmission

Technology / Computers / Baseband Transmission: The transmission of digital signals over a limited distance. ARCnet and Ethernet LAN's use baseband. It is the opposite of broadband, which refers to the transmission of analog signals over greater distances.

Other Words for Transmission

Transmission Noun Synonyms: transfer, transference, transferral, transferring, conveyance, carrying, moving, movement, transportation, transport, transporting, forwarding, shipping, shipment, sending, transmittal, transmitting, dispatch or despatch, dispatching or despatching

Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)

Business / Internet Marketing / Transmission Control Protocol (TCP): Transmission Control Protocol works with IP to ensure that packets travel safely on the Internet. This is the method by which most Internet activity takes place. MORE


Entertainment / Photography / Transmission: Passage of light through a transparent or translucent material. MORE

Transmission Control Protocol-Internet Protocol (TCP-IP)

Technology / Computers / Transmission Control Protocol-Internet Protocol (TCP-IP): A set of protocols to link dissimilar computers across many kinds of networks. The primary protocol used by the Internet. MORE

Transmission Pipeline

Science / Geology / Transmission Pipeline: A pipeline that carries natural gas from a region where it is produced to a region where it is stored or consumed. MORE

Vertical Transmission

Health / Disease / Vertical Transmission: Transmission of an infection, such as HIV, from mother to child during the perinatal period, the period immediately before and after birth. MORE

Telephone Transmission Tower

Technology / Cell Phones / Telephone Transmission Tower: A telephone base station located on top of a tall, free-standing structure. MORE